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The following is from the
Handbook of the
Anglican Use Society

Membership and Subscription
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Devotional Fraternities
Prayers From the Book of Divine Worship

The Handbook of the Anglican Use Society is intended to serve as a directory, and to assist members in their intercessory prayer.


The Anglican Use Society supports existing Personal Parishes of the Anglican Use, all Pastoral Provision congregations, and encourages the formation of new common identity congregations of the Anglican Use for the Catholic Church.


The Society also seeks to encourage and support converts to the Catholic Church who do not live near an Anglican Use congregation. We hope they will maintain their Anglican Use identity through the daily use of The Book of Divine Worship for personal prayer and through fellowship and prayer with other like-minded Catholics in their area.


The Society promotes the solidarity of Catholics and catholic-minded Anglicans wherever they may be found. Those Anglicans who are not yet in full communion with the Pope are invited to join us as Associate Members and to work together with us to promote the unity of all Catholics with the Holy See.


All members are urged to pray daily using prayers from The Book of Divine Worship for the Pope, for the Ecclesiastical Delegate, for their Local Bishop, and for all Anglican Use clergy and laity, living and departed.


Although it is hoped that members will obtain a copy of The Book of Divine Worship, some prayers are included in this Handbook for convenience. The Book of Divine Worship may be downloaded for your personal use.